Delaware Primary: Key Races

Delaware Primary Election: Key Races


The assumed ascension of Congressman John Carney to the Governorship has left an open seat for Delaware’s sole representative in congress. Lisa Blunt Rochester with 43% of the vote won a surprise victory over State Senator Bryan Townsend and Military Veteran Sean Barney. Lisa Blunt Rochester does not have an opponent in the general election.  lisa_portrait_transparent


Congressman John Carney ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary for governor. He will face Colin Bonini in the general election. Carney is expected to win.

Lieutenant Governor

Bethany Hall-Long won the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor with29.09% of the vote. She bested five other candidates for the seat. She will face token opposition in the general election.

Insurance Commissioner

Trinidad Navarro won the Democratic nomination for Insurance Commissioner with54.92% of the vote over Karen Weldin Stewart. Navarro will face Jeffrey E. Cragg in the general election.

Mayor of Wilmington

With 23.59% of the vote, Michael S. Purzycki received the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Wilmington. The race, an 8 way primary, was hotly contested. Eugene R. Young and Kevin F. Kelly SR came in close second and third. He will not face opposition in the fall.

City Treasurer

Velda Jones-Potter received the Democratic Nomination for Wilmington City Treasurer with 38.93% of the vote. Jones-Potter, a longtime DE businesswoman and former state treasurer defeated Darius Brown and Kenneth Matlusky.


She will not face opposition in the fall.



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