NJ Legislative Alert: A4056 Concerning Massage and Bodywork Therapy

A4056 Concerning Massage and Bodywork Therapy

A4056 is a proposed amendment to the Massage and Bodywork Therapist Licensing Act (P.L. 1999, c.19 (C.45:11-60). Under current law, those seeking to obtain a license in Massage and Bodywork Therapy are required to  complete 500 hours of class study OR successfully complete a comprehensive written exam.

A4056 seeks to:

  • Require applicants for licensure to complete 500 hours of in class study ANDsuccessfully complete a comprehensive written exam
  • Remove provision in current law that provides that the successful completion of any such examination may have been accomplished before the effective date of the act

Status:   A4056 has been referred to Assembly Regulated Professions Committee for further review.

For more information, please contact Brett Goldman with DMGS at 215-979-1326 or emailbjgoldman@dmgs.com

Billy Hoffer Contributed to this Report 

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