NJ Legislative Alert: A4093 Concerning Scrap Tire Recycling

A4093 Concerning Scrap Tire Recycling

A4093 is an Act aimed at amending and supplementing New Jersey’s recycling laws to include scrap tires on the list of items legally required to be recycled. This Act concerns the Department of Environmental Protection, scrap tire haulers, scrap tire facilities, and New Jersey recycling centers.
A4093 seeks to:

  • Legally obligate the recycling of scrap tires
  • Prohibit disposal of scrap tires as solid waste
  • Institute a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) system of scrap tire tracking, collection, recycling, and responsible disposal within 180 days of A4093 enactment
  • Require scrap tire haulers and recycling centers to be licensed by the DEP within 180 days of A4093 enactment
  • Require New Jersey district recycling plans to include source separation of scrap tires from solid waste stream
  • Implement a system of fines of up to $25,000 dollars for violation of A4093
  • Ensure no person in the state of New Jersey knowingly dispose of scrap tires as solid waste after January 1st, 2017
  • Prevent illegal dumping of scrap tires

As mentioned in A4093, the recycling and reuse of scrap tires provides a number of benefits, while limiting landfill overflow. Recycled tires can be used as playground cover material, alternative fuel, and in civil engineering applications, which all could benefit New Jersey greatly.

Status: A4093 has been referred to Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee for further review.


Billy Hoffer Contributed to this Report

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