NJ Legislative Alert: A4158 NJ Call Centers Job Act

A4158 NJ Call Centers Job Act

A4158 is a proposed act in New Jersey that seeks to incentivize call center job retention by utilizing a financial reward and punishment system for call center employers. Under this Act, call centers refer to any office employing 50 or more people who receive phone calls or electronic communications for the purpose of providing customer assistance or other services.

A4158 seeks to:

  • Require outsourcing call center employers to notify the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development 90 days prior to the transfer of operations
  • Punish call center employers who outsource the number of employees handling 20% or more of the annual communication volume to foreign countries
  • Bar outsourcing call centers from receiving state grants, guaranteed loans, tax benefits, or any other financial assistance for 36 months after notifying the commissioner of said outsourcing
  • Require outsourcing companies to return unamortized state funds awarded them through state grants, guaranteed loans, tax benefits, or any other financial assistance
  • Give preference when awarding state contracts to call centers retaining jobs in New Jersey
  • Continue to give funds to workplaces for the purpose of supporting training and hiring initiatives including but not limited to veterans, minority groups, and women, regardless of being on the outsourcing companies list

A4158 is aimed at curbing the current trend of outsourcing New Jersey jobs to foreign countries with lower wages. This Act punishes outsourcing companies financially to make operation transfer more expensive than keeping jobs in the state of New Jersey. ·
Current Status: Introduced and referred to Assembly Labor Committee for review

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