Duane Morris Government Strategies (DMGS) is a full-service, bipartisan government relations firm with a reputation for results.  Making an impact at the federal, state and local levels requires understanding and navigating government, years of experience and a deep knowledge of the players and the government legislative process.  With offices in New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, DMGS professionals provide expertise in a variety of government affairs, public policy and grassroots lobbying initiatives, from monitoring, drafting, amending, passing and stopping legislation to public relations and crisis management to coalition building. DMGS also provides development finance consulting, grant identification/grant writing and procurement services.

DMGS Government Affairs professionals are experienced with working for and within the public sector. Members of our government relations team all have experience in government and have worked in both the legislative and executive branches and on both sides of the aisle. DMGS has the ability to work with the members and leadership of all the caucuses and the administration.

DMGS understands the importance of creating a solid foundation with public leaders and the value of nurturing these relationships. The DMGS Government Affairs team is fluent in navigating an organization through the legislative process and policy formation and can help devise a plan to maximize  relationship with the legislature, government and its departments and agencies.